About Vámonos Spanish


Since 2013 Vámonos Spanish has been creating and developing a successful programme in teaching Spanish as a foreign language for everyone from babies to the retired.

Vámonos Spanish was founded in 2013 by Kay Sambell, however, the concept was created long before. Kay first began teaching Spanish to children in a local primary school, although she first got the foreign language teaching ‘bug’ teaching English as a foreign language in Spain for several years, this is where she developed her knowledge and techniques for teaching a foreign language to both children and adults using only the target language, incorporating fun and interesting methodology.

Upon returning to live in the North East of England she was disheartened by the lack of opportunity to learn the Spanish language in a communicative and engaging way. When word quickly started to get around that there was a fun Spanish teacher who was making children enthusiastic about learning a language, she was approached by many parents in the area to teach more and more classes. From that moment Vámonos Spanish was born, over the last few years, we have grown rapidly and have delivered classes on a weekly basis in various venues, community centres, nurseries, in workplaces and local schools.

In 2016 Kay decided that she would expand Vámonos and begin offering classes in other areas of the North East region. In 2018 Vámonos Spanish “South Tyne” became the second branch, and the South Tyne branch now offers classes in Gateshead, Sunderland, South Tyneside and surrounding areas. Our goal is for children and adults all over the UK to have the opportunity to learn Spanish using our methodology, and to find pleasure in doing so.


Kirsty – Mother – Preschool & Primary classes – Sept 2017

{My eldest attended the first ever Vámonos Spanish class over 4.5 years ago! Now both my daughters attend and it’s incredible how much Spanish they’ve picked up. They were talking to the local Spaniards when we were on holiday in Spain this summer. Such a vital skill to have and Vámonos is a great place to acquire it.