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Our Holiday Spanish for beginner’s course is designed to help you to communicate whilst on holiday in Spanish speaking countries. Classes are taught in a relaxed atmosphere where the main focus is on communication.

Course length: 15 hours (taught in 12 classes).

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Adults learning spanish through the use of board games


An adult beginner

{I have really enjoyed the Introduction to Spanish course. I have always found foreign languages a struggle, however, I have found that this course has taught me more Spanish in 6 classes than I learned in French in 5 years!

Introduction toSpanish

Our Introduction to Spanish Course is designed for those who want to begin learning the language on a long-term basis. Classes are taught in a relaxed atmosphere where the main focus is on communication.

Course length: 7.5 hours (taught either in 6 classes or intensively over three days).

Course Content: This course teaches the absolute fundamentals of the Spanish language, such as basic pronunciation, basic vocabulary, an introduction to the most common verbs. Students are taught how to give and ask for personal information.

We are also able to offer this course in your workplace.

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We also offer regular Educational & Social Cultural Events such as Wine Tasting, Tapas Nights, Games Nights, Idiom Workshops, Grammar Workshops, Writing Workshops, Spanish Cinema and Conversation Classes all as extras to back up your studies.