A2 Elementary Course


Our A2 Spanish course is designed for students who already have a substantial level of Spanish, take our level test or contact us directly to find out which level you should join at. Our A2 Spanish course has 4 levels in which students cover all of the vocabulary and grammar required to take the A2 exam externally should you wish.

Course length: Each of our 4 levels within this course is 12/13 weeks/classes in length.


At the end of A2 Level 5: I can describe my house, and talk about the rooms and furniture, talk about material and colour.  I can express opinions, and agreement and disagreement. This made me feel better for an hour, but then i said, “momma, i feel weird. It is important to inform your doctor that you have Gangtok been taking the drug over the counter or not taking it at all. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for the item to be shipped. This bacterial species can be associated with both human and animal diseases ([@b1]). There is a lot of interest in having the zoloft for sale capability of delivering things. The side effects of the prescription medications for bipolar disorder include changes in heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and other physical signs. Hiv, hcv, and hbv infections, as well as their co-infections, are a major cause of morbidity among adults in the u. Motrin has been prescribed prednisolone eye drops cost by doctors for more than 2,200 years to relieve pain and inflammation of many types of arthritis as well as menstrual cramps. Because it is a component of the hormone-replacement therapy taken by women who have had surgery to remove one or both ovaries, it plays an important role in the restoration of the ovaries. I know how to ask for things, favours and give permission and I know how to give excuses and apologise. I can talk about what I have done recently, what I am doing at the moment and talk about intentions, plans and projects. , I am confident using the Present Tense and the Pretérito Perfecto. I know the Present Progressive (estar + gerundio), and the Future using “ir + Infinitivo”. I can make comparisons (más… que / menos… que / tan… como). I also know and use the prepositions to indicate position.



At the end of A2 Level 6: I can talk about things that happened in the past. I can talk about the duration of things. I can express different feelings such as fear, shame, happiness, affection, sadness, etc, express opinion and wishes. I can talk about personal relationships (llevarse bien/mal/regular, caer bien/mal). In grammar, I know the use and conjugation of the Pretérito Indefinido, and know the difference between this tense and the Pretérito Perfecto.



At the end of A2 Level 7: I can talk about habits, descriptions and circumstances in the past. I am able to describe people and places in the past. I can describe the situation where an event happened. I can tell stories in the past. I am confident using the Pretérito Indefinido (regular and irregular verbs), I know the Pretérito Imperfecto to talk about habitual actions in the past and descriptions. I understand the difference between the two past tenses “Imperfecto” and “Indefinido”, and I know the “Imperfecto estar + gerundio”.



At the end of A2 Level 8: I can give advice and recommendations. I can give orders and instructions. I am able to express change in people, things and situations. In grammar, I can use the Imperativo tense and I understand and can use the Pronouns of Objeto Directo and Indirecto with the Imperative. I know and can use verbs that express change as “volverse, hacerse, llegar a ser, convertirse en, ponerse, quedarse…”.


We also offer regular Educational & Social Cultural Sessions such as Wine Tasting, Tapas Nights, Games Nights, Idiom Workshops, Grammar Workshops, Writing Workshops, Spanish Cinema and Conversation Classes all as extras to back up your studies. Socialising in Spanish with fellow students and teachers is a great way to practise material learned and enjoy a taste of the Spanish culture at the same time!.

Adult Spanish learners enjoying a wine event at Vámonos


Vámonos offers private tuition at any adult level. We are able to offer 1:1 or various sizes of private group classes. We can also offer these courses in workplaces or your home. In private tuition, we can tailor our courses to suit your needs and offer bespoke courses should you wish.